Product: VideoRemix
Role: CEO & Product Manager
Time: 04/2017 – 10/2019

How I Launched a $1.2M Product and Increased Customer Base by 10x

In 2017 I was tapped by a PE team to take over daily operations and grow the fledgling SaaS startup, VideoRemix

I stepped into a whirlwind of chaos as the team was in the beginning stages of launch planning.  As I took the helm, my first order of business was to implement structure in all aspects of the business.  I guided the team in creating SOP’s for the support team, cutting the support response time in more than half.  I also moved our development team to a strict agile sprint cadence — increasing their productivity.

Overall, these made huge improvements on the team’s overall demenor and energy level.

Next I dug into the launch planning with the sales team, guiding their efforts around sales pages, affiliate recruitment, and more.

The launch grossed $1.2M in product sales alone, which resulted in a 10x increase in the customer base within 30 days. 

Identifying Customer Needs

Before launching any product, it is crucial to identify the needs and pain points of the target audience. I conducted extensive research, mined support data, and held customer interviews to understand the customer’s pain points, preferences, and expectations. This allowed me to develop a product roadmap that addressed the customer’s needs.

<h3>Improving Pricing, Packaging, and Customer Journey</h3>

Based on my work with customers, I found pricing, packaging, and the customer journey as the main struggles that we were facing.  They were not aligned with the customer’s expectations. I proactively improved these areas, ensuring that the pricing was competitive, the packaging was attractive, and the customer journey was seamless. This resulted in an increase in the customer lifetime value (LTV) and ensured that the customer was satisfied with their experience.

Conceptualizing, Designing, and Launching Products

As CEO and Product Manager, I was responsible for the entire product lifecycle from ideation to launch. In my time with VideoRemixI  conceptualized, designed, and oversaw the development and launch of six unique high six and seven-figure products.  In so doing I organized and directed product, design, engineering, and sales teams. I ensured that the product was user-friendly, efficient, and met the customer’s needs. Furthermore, I ensured that the product was launched on time and within budget.


Launching a successful product requires careful planning, market research, and a deep understanding of the customer’s needs. I did it 6 times over with the VideoRemix team.  After more than fulfilling my commitment and landing the company under LOI, I departed to take on my next challenge.

Better Metrics. 
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